CITIZEN is in no way affiliated with the United States government, or anyone in it. We’re just a couple of citizens ourselves. We’ve spent the past ten years creating CITIZEN as a literary work in game format, to be an entertaining educational resource that dynamically demonstrates the brilliance of our founders through the real workings of the legislative branch of our government.

We made our best effort to check our own politics at the door. Our intent is to represent all conceivable positions on a wide number of contemporary issues, and to leave the opinions to our players. We’re interested in creating a platform that creates informed conversation about your thoughts and opinions. Any perceptions of bias are unintended.

While CITIZEN contains factual information about real people, entities, and events, the interactions and outcomes of CITIZEN play are completely hypothetical. No sponsorship, affiliation, endorsement, or position is intended or implied from the factual information provided about the persons and entities depicted in CITIZEN.

The information that appears on the cards for members of Congress is factual, based on the tenure of each member, his or her actual voting record from the previous session, and a small sampling of the industries represented by companies that contributed to the members’ most recent election. In the case of a new member, “non-raging” partisan status was assigned. CITIZEN in no way claims or implies any actual position any member may have on any issue.

Other people and events depicted in CITIZEN appear based on the researched impact of each at a given time in history. The icons and impacts that appear on each card are based on our best efforts at accuracy – any interpretations are our own. Absent any partisan documentation, a null symbol ( “O” ) appears. Just as with the Congress, no assumptions are made or implied regarding any person’s actual political positions or beliefs. Many of the people and events depicted in CITIZEN had impact far beyond what we could capture in a game and still keep it fun.

Any errors, omissions, or misinterpretations in CITIZEN are ours alone and unintentional.

At no point in modern political times have Americans been more divided, and we believe that basic civic ignorance is the primary dividing factor. We hope CITIZEN can be a gathering place to stimulate informed conversation, impart some much needed knowledge about how our democracy works, and bring people back together for some good old-fashioned fun.  

– Steve Barger and Gray Smith